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Modern Body Festival 2016: I/WE/THEY

Modern Body Festival: art as research through experience What exactly is the ‘modern body’? We are inclined to think of our bodies as limited to what is contained within our […]

The current and its double

Analog electronics and magnetic tapes from the sonic heart of Den Haag: BEA5, Sonology’s voltage-controlled studio. Interconnected feedback networks spur reflexive growth and morphogeneses through layered live performance.

Bucket Brigade Attack

Year: 2016 Artist: Created for Paul Devens Type: Networked interactive embedded system (Development of software, hardware, network, sound design, interaction design) Description: 8 interactive networked nodes (Raspberry Pi, WiFi interface, […]

Hertzian Field #2

An augmented reality immersive performance “We do not think right away of the distances that separate objects from one another. For space is never empty: it always embodies a meaning. […]

ZKM GLOBALE: The body as interface through interference

Talk by Stelios Manousakis at the ZKM GLOBALE: Performing Sound, Playing Technology symposium, titled “The body as interface through interference: Wireless Information Retrieval in the Hertzian Field”.

Loop Copy Mutate: New Music for a Digital Culture (software prototype)

A software prototype of a performative Music Information Retrieval system for the Genetic Choir’s project Loop/Copy/Mutate. Year: 2015 Artist: Created for Thomas Johannsen and the Genetic Choir Type: Research, software […]

Music for browsing

Music for browsing is an interactive generative soundscape; it is subversive ‘furniture music’ for Internet servers; it is a roadtrip soundtrack for the web traveller. The piece is powered by the energy of browsing – of doing useful things, and of wasting time on the Internet. It is a first-person performance that tackles head-on the old joke about electronic musicians checking their email on stage.

Proximity Effect 2

Year: 2015 Artist: Created for Paul Devens Type: Embedded system (Software & hardware development) Description: 8 channel stand-alone sound player for an installation by Paul Devens Exhibited at: Galerija Umjetnina, […]

Hertzian Field #1

Hertzian Field #1 is an immersive augmented reality environment that exposes the raw materiality of the WiFi communication medium, exploring its physical interaction with our spaces and our bodies through sound.

Involuntary Cognition Faction in Contemporanea 2014 [taukay 156]

CD release of Involuntary Cognition Faction, for voltage-controlled analog electronics (March 2015). Published by Taukay Edizioni Musicali in Contemporanea 2014, together with other awarded pieces at the International composition competition Città di […]

Creative Feedback workshops

Harnessing feedback Input -> Process (‘black box’) -> Output-as-Input -> Process -> Output-as-Input-> … (and so forth). Feedback – diverting the output of a process or system into its input […]

Why is why of no stranger

Why is why of no stranger is a first-person sound-film without image; It is meant to be experienced as an immersive, spatially distributed acousmatic environment with no beginning and end. The piece is concerned with embodiment, mediated memory, and hyperreality.

Modern Body Festival 2014

Art as research through experience What exactly is the ‘modern body’? We are inclined to think of our bodies as limited to what is contained within our own skin, but […]

Proxy Kabinet: Raamweg 47

site-specific multimedia installation – Proxy Kabinet: Raamweg 47 is a site-specific installation taking over the control room of the former headquarters of the European Police (Europol) in The Hague. The […]

Center no Distractor

Center no Distractor is an explosion of movement, physicality and gritty, thumping beats, for taiko and live electronics. Performances are simultaneously a concert, an exploration of sound and body, a visual spectacle; it is dance for the ears, the body, the eyes and the mind.

ZKM | IMA Lab No. 25: Stelios Manousakis

Stelios Manousakis, guest artist at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, in discussion with Ludger Brümmer giving insights into his work on a new system of spatial detection of the human body and its movements.

Palpebla Resonoj #1

for feedback-augmented alto clarinet and real-time computer processing – The piece Palpebla Resonoj #1 is an open composition for feedback-augmented clarinet and real-time processing, taking its final form in performance. […]

‘Act so that there is no use in a centre’

‘Act so that there is no use in a centre’ is an abstracted and deconstructed spatial radio play. It sets ‘Rooms’, from Gertrude Stein’s seminal language-art book ‘Tender Buttons’ (1914), as a distributed, radio-transmitted, sound installation, meant to be explored interactively. The piece deals with fragmentation, interference, and distortion of memory, place, and meaning.

Center no Distractor: Nothing aiming is a splinter EP [ir002]

Center no Distractor’s debut EP, Nothing aiming is a splinter, was recorded live, partially in front of a live audience, in December 2012. The EP was released in 2013 by inklino […]

Involuntary Cognition Faction

Involuntary Cognition Faction is a fixed medium work, part of a larger suite, created in the legendary voltage-controlled studio of the Institute of Sonology (Bea5). The piece was awarded at the International composition competition Città di Udine 2014.