Computer Aided Breathing: Fukuoka Method [SIRcd002]

Debut CD release from experimental improvisation trio Computer Aided Breathing (Stephanie Pan/Kirstin Gramlich/Stelios Manousakis) on SevenInchRecordings [SIRcd002]. The album was recorded and compiled in DeFlat Studios by Stelios Manousakis from improvised materials.

Kirstin Gramlich: Emu B3 Hammond
Stelios Manousakis: Live electronics, Programming, Compilation
Stephanie Pan: Voice, Sampler

Contact us for ordering a digital edition, or the limited hand-made edition (15eur + shipping).


1-6. The One-Straw Revolution – 16′
7. Mud Pellets – 2′
8-10. Permaculture Guilds – 15′
11-14. The Four Principle – 10′

Download a .zip file with excerpts here