Loop Copy Mutate: Music from people and places

  • Loop Copy Mutate @ Amsterdam NoordZuid Lijn

Loop-Copy-Mutate: Music from People and Places is a new project by the Genetic Choir which will yield a year-long series of concerts. Led by singer and artistic director Thomas Johannsen the Genetic Choir will direct our ears towards something urbanites often take for granted: city sounds. Together with laptop artist Robert van Heumen, programmer and sound artist Stelios Manousakis, and the public, the choir transforms sampled city sounds into voice and music compositions.

For Loop-Copy-Mutate the Genetic Choir invites people from all over the world to enrich the database of sounds they use during the concert with sounds taken from their own surroundings. The choir sources the sounds from this database, so the public is involved in shaping the compositions.

The première of Loop-Copy-Mutate was held on 2 July 2017 in the new Noord/Zuidlijn metro station beneath Amsterdam Central Station (4 concerts). More intimate try-outs were made in TAC Eindhoven and STEIM Amsterdam.

The event consists of 3 parts:
–  Soundwalks, where sounds are collected and added to the database. In the weeks leading up to the event, several sound walks were scheduled, with audience members offering to the database their own vocal rendering of sounds they heard around the station’s sounds.
– The ‘interactive marketplace’. Featuring 3 types of interactive stations titled ‘Loop’ (creator: Robert van Heumen), ‘Copy’ (creator: Stelios Manousakis), ‘Mutate’ (creator: Thomas Johannsen), the audience opens their ears and explores the soundscape of the site in intimate ways: Making music as a quartet using Robert’s game-pad instruments; creating short phrases together with an Artificial Intelligence software by Stelios; guiding singers to perform their environment (Thomas).
– The concert, where the sounds created by the audience in the interactive stations become the seed for a performance by the Genetic Choir and Robert van Heumen.

Year: 2016-2017
Type: Site-specific event (interactive installations, performances)
Duration: 80 minutes
Artistic director: Thomas Johannsen
Interactive stations programming: Stelios Manousakis, Robert van Heumen
Performers: Voice: Yinske Silva,  Jeannette Huizinga, Martine van Ditzhuyzen, Ralph de Rijke, Thomas Johannsen.
Laptop: Robert van Heumen
Additional singers and interactive station operators (for 2 July) Rutger de Groot, Tanaquil Schuttel, Kristien Sonnevijlle, Eduardo Suarez, Marjolijn Roeleveld, Geeske Coebergh, Irene Rametta, Hans Paape, Yanki Bickaki, Chandana Sarma, Meagan Hughes, Bart de Vrees, Marcos Baggiani, Marijn Korff de Gidts
Capacity: Variable
Venues / Organizational partners: Dienst Metro en Tram, Gemeente Amsterdam, STEIM, BIMHUIS, TAC Eindhoven, Buro Beukorkest Media Art Friesland Festival
Software: SuperCollider
Photo credit: Ge Dubbelman, Rene Castelijn
Funders: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSB fonds