Musical Cybernetics: The Human and the Computational

Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) 2010

This two-part paper covers the written portion of the Qualifying examination for the DXARTS PhD Program at the University of Washington. It is a brief presentation about 1) the history and theory of my medium of engagement, and 2) the importance of my particular arts practice providing a brief comparative perspective between personal arts philosophy and a broader reflection of current invention, innovation, and experimentation in my area of engagement.
Due to its brevity, this paper by no means aspires to be a complete presentation of my work, nor an objective, thorough survey of the historical lineages that inform it or to which it relates, but rather an introduction of some key concepts and practices from a personal viewpoint.

Written as part of the PhD Qualifying Examination/Critique at DXARTS, University of Washington, USA, May 2010.
Download paper here.