Non-standard Sound Synthesis with L-systems (LMJ19)

Leonardo Music Journal, MIT Press, issue 19, December 2009

This paper presents a new non-standard technique for waveform synthesis in the time domain using Lindenmayer system (L-systems), a formalism related to grammars, fractals and automata. This technique, developed as part of a larger-scale compositional system, is based on waveform segmentation and offers various methods for generating wavetables. The paper first introduces L-systems and some specifics of their interpretation and discusses extensions such as incorporating genetic algorithms and designing hierarchical L-systems and L-system networks. The second half describes the implementation model in detail, proposes some sound synthesis strategies and presents paths for further work.

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Undercover Harpsichord Agents Terrorize the Court

An electroacoustic tape piece, whose sound material consists of transformations of harpsichord recordings performed by the composer. This material is processed using a complex hierarchical network of Lindenmayer Systems and Genetic Algorithms – an algorithmic model of organic growth.


Do Digital Monkeys Inhabit Virtual Trees?

for L-system Digital Sound Synthesis – “The development of an organism may […] be considered as the execution of a ‘developmental program’ present in the fertilised egg.” (Lindenmayer A. – […]


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