Proxy Kabinet: Raamweg 47

site-specific multimedia installation

Proxy Kabinet: Raamweg 47 is a site-specific installation taking over the control room of the former headquarters of the European Police (Europol) in The Hague. The control room typifies the desire to explore remote spaces we cannot physically occupy, and the politics of control and surveillance that digital networks provide. The artists re-imagine this room as a digitally mediated ‘cabinet of curiosities’ where the site-as-artifact is re-synthesized in video, sound, and sculpture. The work explores different degrees of ‘being there’ – states of experiencing a site through the mediating agency of surveillance technologies, where reality is mutated through its digital representation.

Project page at Modern Body Festival 2014 here.

Year: 2014
Type: Site-specific interactive multimedia installation
Artists: Stelios Manousakis, Tivon Rice, Nicolás Varchausky
Dimensions: 15 m x 12 m (Europol control room)
Duration: Variable
Capacity: Variable
Materials/Media: Control-room surveillance and security infrastructure;
3D-printed sculptures, microphones, loudspeakers, video projector, computer monitors, lights, computers, software, WiFi network
Software: SuperCollider, Quartz composer, Unix Shell networking tools
Photo credit: Erin McKinney

Video from Modern Body Festival 2014