The current and its double

for voltage-controlled analog electronics

Analog electronics and magnetic tapes from the sonic heart of Den Haag: BEA5, Sonology’s voltage-controlled studio. Interconnected feedback networks spur reflexive growth and morphogeneses through layered live performance. Part of an upcoming album/suite, merging different idioms from electronic music tradition into an explosive, ever-changing universe (2011-16).

The material was generated during a residency in the voltage-controlled studio of the Institute of Sonology (Bea5), The Hague, the Netherlands.

The piece was made for the ‘audio-Den Haag’ project by Francisco López – a sonic manifestation by 250 creators from The Hague.

Year: 2011/2016
Type: Fixed medium
Description: Fixed medium sound work for voltage-controlled analog electronics
Duration: 4’51”
Capacity: Variable
Materials/Media: Analog electronic sound
Photo credits: Stelios Manousakis