ZKM GLOBALE: The body as interface through interference

ZKM GLOBALE: Performing Sound, Playing Technology symposium

The body as interface through interference: Wireless Information Retrieval in the Hertzian Field

Category: Lecture/Talk

Date: 06.02.201607.02.2016

Talk description:
Apart from distributing our data, wireless communication has a side effect: it conveys physical information about space and the bodies within it. In this talk, Stelios Manousakis will present a new technology he developed for device-free sensing of presence and movement using WiFi waves and bodily interference for his Hertzian Field series. The technology, inspired by wireless localization, radio tomography, and radars, uses techniques adapted from Music Information Retrieval to analyze and utilize wireless signals in meaningful ways. Stelios will talk about the technology, system and context, and how his artistic trajectory led him to this discovery, while touching on the subjects of live electronics performance and embodiment, interfaces, interactivity, mapping, spatialization, feedback and cybernetics.

Symposium description:
“Performing Sound, Playing Technology. A Festival on Contemporary Musical Instruments and Interfaces” provides insights into the development of innovative instruments and interfaces in the field of electronic music. Stelios Manousakis is


Video Documentary: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
Camera: Jonas Pickel, Martina Rotzal
Live Editing: Martina Rotzal
Editing: Jonas Pickel

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