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Bucket Brigade Attack

Year: 2016 Artist: Created for Paul Devens Type: Networked interactive embedded system (Development of software, hardware, network, sound design, interaction design) Description: 8 interactive networked nodes (Raspberry Pi, WiFi interface, […]

Loop Copy Mutate: New Music for a Digital Culture (software prototype)

A software prototype of a performative Music Information Retrieval system for the Genetic Choir’s project Loop/Copy/Mutate. Year: 2015 Artist: Created for Thomas Johannsen and the Genetic Choir Type: Research, software […]

Proximity Effect 2

Year: 2015 Artist: Created for Paul Devens Type: Embedded system (Software & hardware development) Description: 8 channel stand-alone sound player for an installation by Paul Devens Exhibited at: Galerija Umjetnina, […]


General info: Anadrasi (‘Feedback’ in Greek) is a live performance instrument with two sections / sub-instruments: a semi-modular digital feedback synth and a granular synth. The instrument is fully hardware-software integrated, with […]

Have robot dog, will travel

21 radio receiving robot dogs for multi-channel mobile sound diffusion, with power-off delay timers: Hardware (electronics, design, laser-cut objects) and software development for a new-media performance / theater piece by Stephanie Pan.