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The current and its double

Analog electronics and magnetic tapes from the sonic heart of Den Haag: BEA5, Sonology’s voltage-controlled studio. Interconnected feedback networks spur reflexive growth and morphogeneses through layered live performance.

Why is why of no stranger

Why is why of no stranger is a first-person sound-film without image; It is meant to be experienced as an immersive, spatially distributed acousmatic environment with no beginning and end. The piece is concerned with embodiment, mediated memory, and hyperreality.

Involuntary Cognition Faction

Involuntary Cognition Faction is a fixed medium work, part of a larger suite, created in the legendary voltage-controlled studio of the Institute of Sonology (Bea5). The piece was awarded at the International composition competition Città di Udine 2014.

Megas Diakosmos

Megas Diakosmos is a digital feedback piece, part of the suite ‘Primeval Sonic Atoms’. The piece takes its name from a lost cosmological treatise written by Leukippos, an ancient Greek natural philosopher of the 5th century BCE.


SelectInput is a collaborative project of Pandelis Diamantides, Stelios Manousakis and Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris that commenced in 2007. It is based on live-sampling, improvisation and interaction – between the players and between the sounds of their instruments.

Undercover Harpsichord Agents Terrorize the Court

An electroacoustic tape piece, whose sound material consists of transformations of harpsichord recordings performed by the composer. This material is processed using a complex hierarchical network of Lindenmayer Systems and Genetic Algorithms – an algorithmic model of organic growth.

Do Digital Monkeys Inhabit Virtual Trees?

for L-system Digital Sound Synthesis – “The development of an organism may […] be considered as the execution of a ‘developmental program’ present in the fertilised egg.” (Lindenmayer A. – […]