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The Water Within (Hertzian Field #3)

The Water Within (Hertzian Field #3) is an interactive wet sauna: an intimate multi-sensory environment of complete immersion combining a cutting-edge sensing system based on WiFi waves, machine learning software, […]

Hertzian Field #2

An augmented reality immersive performance “We do not think right away of the distances that separate objects from one another. For space is never empty: it always embodies a meaning. […]

Loop Copy Mutate: Music from people and places

Loop-Copy-Mutate: Music from People and Places is a new project by the Genetic Choir which will yield a year-long series of concerts. Led by singer and artistic director Thomas Johannsen […]

Music for browsing

Music for browsing is an interactive generative soundscape; it is subversive ‘furniture music’ for Internet servers; it is a roadtrip soundtrack for the web traveller. The piece is powered by the energy of browsing – of doing useful things, and of wasting time on the Internet. It is a first-person performance that tackles head-on the old joke about electronic musicians checking their email on stage.

Hertzian Field #1

Hertzian Field #1 is an immersive augmented reality environment that exposes the raw materiality of the WiFi communication medium, exploring its physical interaction with our spaces and our bodies through sound.

Proxy Kabinet: Raamweg 47

site-specific multimedia installation – Proxy Kabinet: Raamweg 47 is a site-specific installation taking over the control room of the former headquarters of the European Police (Europol) in The Hague. The […]

‘Act so that there is no use in a centre’

‘Act so that there is no use in a centre’ is an abstracted and deconstructed spatial radio play. It sets ‘Rooms’, from Gertrude Stein’s seminal language-art book ‘Tender Buttons’ (1914), as a distributed, radio-transmitted, sound installation, meant to be explored interactively. The piece deals with fragmentation, interference, and distortion of memory, place, and meaning.

The Network Is A Blind Space

The Network Is a Blind Space is a distributed, micro-telematic, interactive sound installation that explores the physical yet invisible electromagnetic spaces created by WiFi networks.

Observe, Recount, Distort!

a micro-telematic sound-art installation – Observe, Recount, Distort! is a site-specific piece that explores the observer effect and the iterative distortion of information through its collective social re-statement. The piece […]


Keledón is an interactive kinetic sculpture from vacuum-formed polyethylene, CNC-cut acrylic, plexiglas and wood, with generative audio, video and light projected from within its body. It is an automaton conceived and modeled algorithmically as a living creature, its visual form inspired by deep-sea bio-illuminescent jellyfish. Keledón is modeled as an open cybernetic system that consists of four parts: aural, visual, kinesthetic and sensory. These components are interconnected through a serial feedback network, in which the audio projection controls the video, the video projection controls the mechanical movement, and the mechanical movement controls the audio, and so forth.