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Computer Aided Breathing: A Page of Madness

Kirstin Gramlich: organ Stelios Manousakis: coding, live electronics Stephanie Pan: voice, shime daiko, sub-bass pumpkin, sampler Computer Aided Breathing reunites after a long hiatus with a new 60-minute performance, taking on Japanese […]

The current and its double

Analog electronics and magnetic tapes from the sonic heart of Den Haag: BEA5, Sonology’s voltage-controlled studio. Interconnected feedback networks spur reflexive growth and morphogeneses through layered live performance.

Loop Copy Mutate: Music from people and places

Loop-Copy-Mutate: Music from People and Places is a new project by the Genetic Choir which will yield a year-long series of concerts. Led by singer and artistic director Thomas Johannsen […]

Music for browsing

Music for browsing is an interactive generative soundscape; it is subversive ‘furniture music’ for Internet servers; it is a roadtrip soundtrack for the web traveller. The piece is powered by the energy of browsing – of doing useful things, and of wasting time on the Internet. It is a first-person performance that tackles head-on the old joke about electronic musicians checking their email on stage.

Center no Distractor

Center no Distractor is an explosion of movement, physicality and gritty, thumping beats, for taiko and live electronics. Performances are simultaneously a concert, an exploration of sound and body, a visual spectacle; it is dance for the ears, the body, the eyes and the mind.

Palpebla Resonoj #1

for feedback-augmented alto clarinet and real-time computer processing – The piece Palpebla Resonoj #1 is an open composition for feedback-augmented clarinet and real-time processing, taking its final form in performance. […]

Center no Distractor: Nothing aiming is a splinter EP [ir002]

Center no Distractor’s debut EP, Nothing aiming is a splinter, was recorded live, partially in front of a live audience, in December 2012. The EP was released in 2013 by inklino […]

Involuntary Cognition Faction

Involuntary Cognition Faction is a fixed medium work, part of a larger suite, created in the legendary voltage-controlled studio of the Institute of Sonology (Bea5). The piece was awarded at the International composition competition Città di Udine 2014.

Selva de Mar: Distrails

Selva de Mar is a Barcelona based duo, consisting of Israeli cellist Sasha Agranov and Argentine hang/percussionist Pablo Wayne. For their fourth album, ‘Distrails’, they invited a number of star players to record and perform live as an eight-piece orchestra.

‘What is the current that makes machinery’

for female voice and surround live electronics – What is the current that makes machinery’ is a cycle of short pieces for female voice and surround live electronics, written for […]


Reformation is a feature length film by Jeanette Groenendaal with music & sound design by Stelios Manousakis & Stephanie Pan. Premiered at IDFA 2011

Megas Diakosmos

Megas Diakosmos is a digital feedback piece, part of the suite ‘Primeval Sonic Atoms’. The piece takes its name from a lost cosmological treatise written by Leukippos, an ancient Greek natural philosopher of the 5th century BCE.

L’ Hypothèse de l’ Atome Primitif Sonore

For digital feedback (live electronics) – L’Hypothèse de l’Atome Primitif Sonore (‘The Primeval Sonic Atom Hypothesis’) is named after a cosmological theory, ‘L’Hypothèse de l’Atome Primitif‘, presented in 1931 by […]

Fantasia On A Single Number

Fantasia On A Single Number (pronounced: /fantazía/) is an open composition that takes its final form through live performance. ‘Fantasia’ was the most open to improvisation classical music form. Described […]

Facts to Suit Theories

for voice, zither, wine glasses, loopstation and live electronics – Facts To Suit Theories is a 5-part open composition exploring the continuum between composition and improvisation. The overall structure of […]


Navigation is a 6-part open composition for four pipe organs, celesta, harmonium, voice, wine-glass, loopstation and live electronics, written for the Computer Aided Breathing trio. It is a site-specific piece, created in and for the Orgelpark in Amsterdam.


SelectInput is a collaborative project of Pandelis Diamantides, Stelios Manousakis and Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris that commenced in 2007. It is based on live-sampling, improvisation and interaction – between the players and between the sounds of their instruments.

Breakcore Tapdance Collective

Breakcore Tapdance Collective (2006-2007): Tommy FFF: Computer Stelios Manousakis: Live electronics, Programming Marieke van der Ven: Tapdance

Computer Aided Breathing

Computer Aided Breathing is a trio for voice, organs, and live electronics, formed in 2006, devoted to the many different shades of live improvisation, from totally free to compositionally guided.

Undercover Harpsichord Agents Terrorize the Court

An electroacoustic tape piece, whose sound material consists of transformations of harpsichord recordings performed by the composer. This material is processed using a complex hierarchical network of Lindenmayer Systems and Genetic Algorithms – an algorithmic model of organic growth.