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Music for browsing

Music for browsing is an interactive generative soundscape; it is subversive ‘furniture music’ for Internet servers; it is a roadtrip soundtrack for the web traveller. The piece is powered by the energy of browsing – of doing useful things, and of wasting time on the Internet. It is a first-person performance that tackles head-on the old joke about electronic musicians checking their email on stage.

The Network Is A Blind Space

The Network Is a Blind Space is a distributed, micro-telematic, interactive sound installation that explores the physical yet invisible electromagnetic spaces created by WiFi networks.

Observe, Recount, Distort!

a micro-telematic sound-art installation – Observe, Recount, Distort! is a site-specific piece that explores the observer effect and the iterative distortion of information through its collective social re-statement. The piece […]